Liste und Übersicht der wichtigsten Verb Phrases

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to break down, into, off, out, through, up

break down zusammenbrechen My car broke down yesterday.
break down collabieren She broke down in tears.
break into einbrechen Thiefs broke into the shop.
break off abbrechen He broke off in the middle of the sentence.
break out ausbrechen He broke out of Leeds prison.
break through durchbrechen The crowd broke through the barriers.
break up trennen She's broken up with her boyfriend
break up zerbrechen, zerkleinern Can't you help me to break up this box?



to bring about, down, in off, on, out, up

bring about verursachen The disagreements brought down a war.
bring down stürzen The terrorists didn't bring down the government.
bring in einbringen The government is bringing in a new law.
bring off zustande bringen I didn't think he'd win but he brought it off.
bring on herbeiführen A virus brought on the illness.
bring out aufdecken, herausbringen The way he red the poem brought out its meaning.
bring up aufwachsen I was brought up in the country.


to catch on, up with

catch on einschlagen, sich durchsetzen I think your new song will really catch on.
catch on verstehen, kapieren I explained it to him but he didn't seem to catch on.
catch up with einholen Hurry or you'll never catch up with the rest.
catch up with aufarbeiten I've got a lot of work to catch up with.



to come across, at, off, out, over, round, to, up, up against

come across zufällig entdecken I came across an interesting book.
come across rüberkommen He didn't come across as a serious person.
come at losgehen auf He came at me and hit me into the face.
come off gelingen Do you really thing your plan will come off?
come out herauskommen The roses have come out.
come over überwältigen The feelings came over me.
come round besuchen Can I come round and visit you?
come to wieder zu sich kommen When I came to after the operation, I couldn't talk.
come up einschreiben I came up to the university last year.
come up against treffen auf We've come up against a serious problem.



to cut across, back, down, in off, up

cut across abkürzen We'll cut across the park to save time.
cut back zurückfahren, reduzieren The company cut back the production of TVs.
cut back zurückblenden They cut back to the beginning of the film.
cut down stutzen Several trees had to be cut down.
cut in einbiegen The car cut in very suddenly.
cut off unterbrechen Sorry, I have to cut off the phone call.
cut up zerreißen She cut up the old shirt to make cleaning rags.



to get away, down, off, on, out of, over, round to, through

get away flüchten The thief could get away.
get down fertigmachen The work got me down.
get off verlassen Ask the conductor when to get off.
get on vorankommen He is getting on very well in his new job.
get out of vermeiden I do everything to get out of the ironing.
get over überwinden I haven't got over the shock yet.
get round to endlich dazu kommen I finally got round to iron the shirt.
get through durchkommen I couldn't get through because the line was engaged.


to give away, back, in, over, out, up

give away schenken John won £2.000 and gave it all away.
give away verraten The author gave away no secret about his new book.
give back zurückgeben Give Pam her pen back.
give in abgeben Please give in your papers now.
give in aufgeben He gave in to solve the problem.
give over übergeben He gave over the papers.
give out ausgeben Children gave out presents to old people.
give up aufhören I have to give up smoking.



to go against, before, beyond, by, down with, in for, off, on over / through, to pieces, under, with, without

go against zuwider handeln He went against his wishes.
go before erscheinen He went before the court.
go beyond überschreiten He went beyond the expectations.
go by sich halten an I always go by rules.
go down with erkranken I hope I'm not going down with flu.
go in for teilnehmen Are you going in for the race?
go off explodieren We heard the bomb go off.
go on passieren What's going on?
go on dauern How long does this concert go on?
go over / through studieren The teacher went over our test papers.
go through suchen Go through your pocket to see if you can find it.
go to pieces die Nerven verlieren He went to pieces during the test.
go under scheitern The project went under.
go with passen That tie doesn't go with your shirt.
go without verzichten You can't go without water for long.



to let down, in, off, on, out, up, up on

let down herunterlassen He let down the curtains.
let down enttäuschen, im Stich lassen My computer let me down yesterday.
let in hereinlassen They won't let you in without a ticket
let off abfeuern Don't let any firework off too near the house!
let off davonkommen lassen The judge let him off with a warning.
let on preisgeben He let on about the secrets of the new car.
let out freilassen Don't let out the cat!
let up aufhören Let up beating him!
let up nachlassen The pain let up last night.
let up on in Ruhe lassen Let up on him. He's had enough!



to live on, through, up to

live on ernähren von I don't know how he manages to live on the salary.
live on weiterleben The legend still lives on.
live through überleben He's lived through two major wars.
live up to erfüllen The holiday fails to live up to the broshure promises.



to look after, for, in, into, out, through, up, up to

look after sich kümmern Look after the child.
look for suchen I'm looking for my keys.
look in besuchen, vorbeischauen I'm looking in next week.
look into untersuchen Police are looking into several burglaries in the area.
look out Achtung! Look out! There's a car coming.
look through durchschauen Look through the contract carefully.
look up nachschlagen I had to look the spelling up.
look up to respektieren, aufsehen He's always looked up to his elder brother.



to put aside, away, off, on, out, through, up, up wiht

put aside beiseite legen / sparen We've put some money aside.
put away beiseite legen / wegräumen Please put your toys away.
put off aufschieben We've put the wedding off for a month.
put off abhalten / entmutigen I put me off when I heard how difficult it is.
put on anziehen Put on your shirt!
put on zunehmen I put on weight in winter.
put out auslöschen / beseitigen Firemen managed to put the fire out.
put through verbinden Could you put me through to the manager, please?
put up aufnehmen My brother will put me up when I'm in Berlin.
put up with tolerieren I will not put up with that rubbish!



to set down, in, off / out, off, out, up

set down (Gedanken) niederlegen Could you set down your reasons in writing?
set in einsetzen The rain set in.
set off / out Reise antreten Don't set off the journey without me.
set off beginnen This has set off a chain reaction.
set off hochgehen lassen Don't set off the firework too near the house!
set out aufmachen He set out to beat the world record.
set up etablieren The society was set up in 1923.
set up ausgesorgt haben He has set up for life.
set up niederlassen He set himself up as a doctor.



to take after, back, in, off, on, out, over, to, up

take after ähnlich sein He takes after his father.
take back zurückbringen Take back the dishes.
take in verstehen I didn't take in the news first.
take off ausziehen Why don't you take your jacket off?
take off abheben The plane took off at noon.
take on annehmen I took on the new job.
take out abheben I took out money from the bank.
take over übernehmen He took over the business from his father.
take to mögen I really took to Spanish food while I was in Spain.
take up weitermachen I have to take up jogging.
take up zulegen I took up a new hobby.



to wear off, out, down

wear off verschwinden The pain wear off last night.
wear out verschleißen, abgenutzt My shoes are worn out.
wear down abnutzen The tyre is worn down!