Writing a report

27 September 2021
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Ein report (Bericht) ist ein sachlicher Text. Es werden Ereignisse und Fakten in möglichst objektiver Weise mitgeteilt.


Wichtige Merkmale

Ein report gibt, in der Regel, Antworten auf folgende Fragen:

  • who? 
  • what?
  • where?
  • when?
  • how?
  • why?

Weitere Wichtige Merkmale

  • Sachliche Schreibweise
  • Die richtige, zeitliche Abfolge der Ereignisse sollte beachtet werden.
  • Die Zeitform des simple present sollte verwendet werden, wenn die Ereignisse in der Vergangenheit geschehen sind.


Beispiel Report

To: Tony Farmer, Union Safety Officer

From:Tim Dixon, Personal Assistant, Creagh Holdings Ltd

Date:16 July 2020

Report on safety hazards in Main Office of Creagh Holdings



Reference to original instructions: Who? What? Where?

You asked me to prepare a report (your memo, dated 4 July) on actual and potential hazards in our main office. I was asked to present my findings by 22 July.



What was done to investigate the topic?

  • I inspected the office area at three different times of the day.
  • I discussed hazards with relevant staff working in the main office.
  • I examined previous reports on the topic (see References).



What information was discovered.Numbered subheadings, tabulated items within these.Note the clear, factual style of presenting the information.

Electrical hazards

  • Although inspected only six months ago, the power plugs to two computers in the clerical section are cracked across their backs.
  • The starter to one of the fluorescent tubes in the ceiling lighting is faulty; staff regularly stand on a chair to twist the starter and get the tube working.
  • The main power input to the office photocopier is worn by constant contact with a filing cabinet. The worn area has been mended by being bound with insulation tape.

Furnishing hazards

  • Two oft he filing cabinets are over 20 years old and often jam shut. They can only be opened by tilting the cabinet backwards and holding the cabinet at an angle while supporting it with one’s foot.
  • The letter racks for incoming mail are secured to the wall by masonry hooks, except for the lower left corner, where a large dictionary has been placed to support the weight.

Other hazards

Reference to relevant document.

  • The carpet in front of the letter racks has become very worn. There is a small tear that has already caused a minor accident to a member of staff. (See accident report form filed 9 February 20XX.)



What the information suggests to the writer. Well organised list, summarises information.Written objectively and unemotionally.

  • Electrical hazards in the office are easily rectified without undue expense. There may be other hazards not yet evident; an electrical inspection would be useful.
  • Furnishing hazards indicate a need for repair and/or purchase of new equipment.
  • Other hazards are limited to the state of the carpet and replacement of this would reduce the risk of more accidents.


5. Recommendations

Clear, precise list of suggested actions.

  • Rectify electrical hazards and carry out a full electrical inspection immediately.
  • Investigate the cost of repairing and replacing filing cabinets and the letter rack.
  • Replace the carpet throughout the main office.Clear, precise list of suggested actions.


6. References

list of references

Smith, J. (2003). Electrical safety hazards at Creagh Holdings Ltd. Creagh Holdings 2003Safety Reports, 81–83.

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